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Imagine being ONE TABLE AWAY from 400 of the Most influential business leaders in America, all gathering in one place, for three days, in the spirit of generosity, to help each other with their biggest goals and projects…

SANG is a powerful community of trendsetters and change agents, billionaires, iconic business moguls, bestselling authors and speakers, top thought leaders in the fields of tech, media and entertainment, cause marketing, investment capital from private equity, hedge fund VC and angel financing, green tech, and publishing that come together to hear the best of the best share insights on the latest hot business topics, brainstorm on furthering various causes and new cause initiatives, to collaborate on new business and strategize about the challenges they are facing in their current businesses.

Our SANG symposiums, have become power-hubs where thought-leaders and those looking to move business in real and powerful ways do so in a concentrated and highly accelerated environment. Our community realizes that business innovation and evolution aren’t just discussed at SANG…They happen at SANG.


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  • How Tony Hsieh Built a Billion Dollar Company – Zappos – one of the most respected companies in the world, by building a unique culture, happy employee’s and customers who are raving fans.
  • Check out one the most talked about speeches in SANG history as Peter Diamandis, Founder of X Prize and Singularity University, discusses The Secrets of Innovation and the Power of Abundance
  • Larry Benet, Chief Connector in Charge of SANG, shares proven connection strategies in How To Connect With Anyone, and get What You Want in Business and Life Faster Then You Thought Possible
  • Billion Dollar Branding. In this value packed panel, you will learn The Secrets of Building a Billion Dollar Brand from Infomercial Genius Kevin Harrington (of Shark Tank), Personal Finance Author David Bach (a 9 Times NY Times Best Seller), , and Greg Link ( a man who helped build Franklin Covey into the largest leadership training organization in the world)
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Attending SANG has become a mandatory requirement for hundreds of world-class thought leaders. Here are some of the outcomes from past SANG events.

What Can SANG Do For You?

  • What resources or relationships could make a difference for you and your business?
  • Where do you see people and organizations struggling, and in what ways could you help them and add value this year?
  • What causes are important to you?
  • What do you need to do to make a significant difference and contribution to this world?

SANG participants regularly ask and answer these types of questions, and generate solutions together.

This year, at SANG Events we expect 400 of the most successful business thought leaders, technology insiders and socially conscience entrepreneurs in the world to participate. We expect hundreds of millions of dollars in deal flow, joint ventures, publishing and TV to occur, based on our past experiences. And we expect the unexpected. So far, every new SANG has absolutely blown our expectations out of the water.

People ask all the time what is it, and how would you describe it. Well, think of some the most brilliant TED talks, sprinkled with the best networking available on the planet!

Everyone at SANG has a, “How can I help you?” attitude.

Combine that with technology that helps us facilitate matchmaking, and the result is that the world’s most powerful projects, people, businesses and causes are begun, or catapulted to the next level. So you meet the right people to accelerate access to resources, and you participate in “learning labs” so you can have a fellow experts advise you on your biggest challenges. Mix all that together with some of the most brilliant business thought leaders in the world, and a level of generosity you haven’t seen at any event you have ever attended, and add in round table discussions so you have the feeling of masterminding. Top it off with your closest peers, and extraordinary entertainment from some of the best recording artists of our time, and you have SANG.

I have to tell you though, it is kind of like seeing the most amazing fireworks display; you really need to be there to experience it for yourself. You may have to move your calendar to be there as most of the people who attend do, but they all can tell you it is life changing and more worth it than they could have dreamed!

Its simply what happens when you get these kind of doers and game-changers together in one room. We are extending this exclusive invitation to you not just because we think you’ll profit from participating in the SANG community, but because we think you have something extremely valuable to offer the community. At SANG, you’ll hear various individual speakers, panels packed with power-house leaders on various hot topics, and you will participate in our newly redesigned networking sessions that have been strategically created to help you find the answers you are looking for and to give you an opportunity to help others in the community with your expertise and brilliance.

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